Didi, author of three books, cooks veg-centric bold-flavored food. As a caterer, personal chef and teacher, Didi celebrates flavors from the earth- vegetables, spices, herbs, roots, resins, trees shoots, wild greens. Hand Didi a vegetable and she'll craft you a meal!

Catering Services

Didi & Co is a small versatile catering company that infuses parties with creativity and soul.  We specialize in imaginative, locally sourced cooking.


Didi arrives weekly, carrying fresh produce and groceries then prepares up to five dinners for you or your family in a single visit.  Her food is creative, global, healthful, and planet-friendly.



Teaching has played a central role in Didi's life over the last ten years.  She has taught hundreds of children, teens and adults.



Didi is the author of three books: Wild Flavors; One Chefs Transformative Year at Eva’s Farm, Entertaining for a Veggie Planet, and Vegetarian Planet

About Didi

Didi first fell for cooking  in the sixth grade. She was making applesauce in home economics class and the smell of apples cooking with butter and cinnamon put her in a foodie trance that she's still under.  Then she began catering at age 14 with a friend.  At 16 for three years Didi worked at an extraordinary cheese shop her hometown. More


Didi's food is healthful and often showered with fresh herbs or imbued with spices.  One of her specialties is creating memorable salads that are filled with legumes, local cheeses, grains, toasted nuts, seeds and herbs.  Didi is happy to accommodate special diets.  If fish or meat is requested, she buys it from reliable sustainable sources.  Didi's aim is to help us and our fellow animals thrive in our world ten and twenty generations from now.